Press Release No.1

Press Release No.1

Save The Date: 3rd Annual Inspiration Vintage, Fashion, Art & Kulture Show At The Historic Queen Mary • February 10-11, 2012 Produced By Japanese Collector Rin Tanaka, Counter-Culture Event Showcases 100+ International Exhibitors—From Vintage & Contemporary Work Wear, Surf Accessories & Art—On Display & For Sale “Rin Tanaka’s Inspiration vintage clothing fair in Long Beach […]

Look at special cover sample of My Freedamn! 10

Look at special cover sample of My Freedamn! 10

Dear Freedamn Heads I am editing the next book, My Freedamn! 10 now. Featuring 1980s new wave fashions: including over 1000 items in totally P352 pages!! Thanks to super many supports by worldwide fredamn heads, This title will be the final one in the My Freedamn! series since 2003, finally!! So, we, MF Teams in […]

<!--:en-->Rin Tanaka appearing inside new OC Weekly!! <!--:-->

Rin Tanaka appearing inside new OC Weekly!!

Dear FReedamn Heads Stop by your local FREE weekly magazine stands, if you live in Orange County, CA?!!!!!!! I, Rin Tanaka, am appearing into their article now! Check it out!! Thanks for  great article by OC Weekly people!!   Rin Tanaka    

<!--:en-->OC Weekly featuring Inspiration 2011!<!--:-->

OC Weekly featuring Inspiration 2011!

Dear Freedamn Heads! Hello, Folks! Last night, I arrived back to my hometown, Yokohama Japan. Thanks to many PRESS people, articles about Inspiration 2011 is coming out in many media. Here is good one by OC Weekly! Thanks again! Rin Tanaka

Our Video “Look Back Inspiration 2010” was just updated!

Dear Freedamn Heads Hello! So online advance ticket buyers are increasing since the last week! Thanks so so much. Yes, we have only 11 days left till 2/11 Preveiw night 4-9pm! Also our video crews just updated interview video in our website! Watching this video last night, I remember again how fun we had great […]