This party is restricted to those aged 21 and over, due to free alcohol service during the party.

On the preview night, “My Freedamn!” will hold a Reunion Party, hosted by Rin Tanaka.  All those who have supported the book series by allowing Rin Tanaka to photograph your vintage items for My Freedamn! 1-9 will be invited to this party: the total will be over 500 hundred people! Also, 1,000 premium tickets will be available for any regular audience members. Check online: this winter. Tickets will start being sold in December.

The 1St reunion party has chosen a very California-style party concept: “California Aloha Night.” The dress code, of course, is “winter Aloha fashions.” You should be able to find vintage Aloha shirts in your closet, but don’t forget your jacket!  You know, the So-Cal weather in February is quite chilly and sometimes wet.  Outdoor temperatures after dark are supposed to be about 30-40 degrees.  But there’s no need to worry!  Inside the Inspiration event hall, it will be very hot with huge numbers of vintage fans coming together from all over the world!