Vol.6: "Happiness is…"


The auto-focusing function of my Canon is working overtime to catch up with a 1915 Indian motorcycle, which is racing alongside huge fields of tall corn. A road sign says “Welcome to Yakima, Washington!”—-I have never been near the Iowa state boarder area in my last 24 years of US road tripping; Yakima seems to be a big agricultural town, surrounded by beautiful forests and mountains.

How do local people find their happiness? I always try to imagine this and am curious about their local lifestyles during my traveling times. There are so many different life values in the world, but everybody lives and works hard to make themselves happy, right?

Since 2010, Shinya Kimura (our famous custom bike exhibitor!) and his Team Chabott Engineering have been challenging themselves in the reestablished old-timer bike race “Cannonball: Coast to Coast.” About 100 pre-1936 antique bikes finish a total of 4,000 miles from Florida to Washington in 16 days. What a romantic vintage event they have enjoyed! However, their race courses and schedules are very tough. His old Indian has to roll along very rough country roads for many long days. Big vibrations are kicking his butt, but that’s his happiness since his teenage days. He must be getting a supernatural high now!

“Happiness is…” —- You know, that’s a very famous vintage phrase from Snoopy comics! Sure, the cartoon dog also thinks seriously about: “What is happiness in my life?” That’s a very difficult question for anyone to find the correct answer. Money should make many daily problems disappear but you know, most rich people also don’t achieve real happiness……

What is my happiness? Good question! My happiness at Inspiration has been…. sharing good vibes with many old and new friends for a full two days. And then, I’ve loved watching everybody going back home with plenty of smiles. What else?! I have been honored that many vintage dealers have contacted me saying: “I heard that Inspiration is a super nice show. Is space still available?” When I moved from Yokohama to California 16 years ago, I had never imagined that I would have great experiences in the American event business. But thanks to you, I have had so many unbelievable times with you!

I am very happy to announce that Inspiration 2015 will be held at the same location: THE REEF (aka L. A. Mart) on 2/6-7/2015, as scheduled. Downtown Los Angeles has also been drastically changing recently, involving new fashion-oriented neighborhoods. Let us enjoy our vintage reunions in such a fresh atmosphere!

Inspiration 2015 will take place just before the Rose Bowl Flea Market, which will be held on Feb. 8, 2015. I am very much looking forward to meeting and having super great reunions with more than 3,000 worldwide vintage freaks!

Freedamn Heads Unite Again!

Rin Tanaka
Long Beach, California
November 2014


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