Vol.5: "But I Like It!"


Smelling the fresh paint inside my new office, I am having fun refreshing my lifestyle… Yes, I started looking for a new office after Inspiration 2013 was successfully held on 2/8-9/2013. (Thanks again for joining our show!) And my office has just moved to Long Beach, California this summer. I wanted to stay much longer in my lovely San Clemente, California, but my 15-year beach life since 1998 seemed to have reached the peak of a fantastic period in my life, in which I was able to publish a total of 21 titles. You know, "too much fun" can’t continue for so long in life…

Looking around the new office, I felt something strange… The new location itself was making me feel very refreshed, but the overall decorations haven’t changed much…. I had wished to reset my lifestyle to ZERO at the new location, but crazy numbers of vintage items had also moved together with me! Guitars & amps, records, posters, books, 2 stereo sets, lots of mid-century furniture……and more!! They are all my precious friends…Thus, I had to pay huge moving costs in order to move them, but now I am feeling greatly relieved that there was no major damage to them during this big moving job.

You may ask me: "Why have you loved the world of vintage so intensely for such a long period of time? Good question, but a few days would be needed for me to answer you in detail… I simply say, "But I like it!" Strangely, when I meet excellent vintage products, my heart and brain still get high naturally: it feels like… when I got my first love at the age of 12!! At exactly the same time, I had started going to vintage clothing shops in Harajuku, Tokyo in the early 1980s.

There were no reference books about the history of vintage clothing found at Japanese (and US) bookstores in the mid-80s. Thus, we worldwide vintage freaks had to find and research old products in limited local areas by our eyes and on foot while spending huge amounts of time, energy and "lesson fees." In addition, my enthusiastic love of vintage clothing and R&R music have given me good ideas about how to find and make one’s own original lifestyle. Originality is the most important thing for developing your character.

Probably, many vintage addicts, especially from early vintage generations, have been having passionate experiences like my own. That’s because most of us have been simply loving vintage culture for many decades without asking ourselves any questions about why we do it.

Anyway, I am happy to announce that Inspiration 2014 will be held on the 2nd weekend of February (February 7-8, 2014), as scheduled, because…. we like it, right! I, as a promoter, have noticed few minor issues that needed to be fixed; our vintage show has been constantly upgraded ever since the first show in 2010. Thanks again for all of your feedback and support!!

Please note that our event venue will be moved from Long Beach Port to Downtown Los Angeles: at L.A. Mart. Let’s try to find more "good shit" (= inspiration) at the new location!

Inspiration 2014 will take place just before the Rose Bowl Flea Market, which will be held on Feb 9, 2014! I am looking forward to meeting and having great reunions with more than 3,000 worldwide vintage freaks!

Freedamn Heads Unite Again!

Rin Tanaka
Long Beach, California
September 2013


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